Executive Healthcare Benefit


Add value to your total compensation programs

With Emeriti’s Executive Healthcare Benefit you can provide targeted employees with tax-free savings to pay for fully insured healthcare plan premiums in retirement, including medical, dental, vision and qualified long-term care premiums.
How it works

A win for you

Complement and enhance your total rewards strategies to achieve short- and long-term objectives for key individuals and groups. Use the benefit as a stand-alone plan or in coordination with Emeriti’s other benefit options. No ERISA audit requirement and no integration requirements with the pension plan.


Executive compensation benefit

Recruit, retain and provide early retirement window incentive for targeted employees


Cost-effective retiree health solution

Provide equalization funding and reduce financial risk associated with legacy defined benefit programs

Easy to administer

No nondiscrimination testing and no IRS limit on employer contributions or minimum distribution requirements

How it works

A win for key employees

Optimize total retirement planning for key employees.

Employer-funded savings

Used for fully insured healthcare premiums in retirement

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Triple tax-free savings

Employer contributions, investment earnings and qualified reimbursements are tax-free


Confidence to retire when ready

Peace of mind that money is set aside for healthcare insurance premiums

How it works

Easy to establish and administer

Step 1
Sign agreement with employee

You choose eligibility, funding and vesting provisions.

Step 2
Contribute at your discretion

You choose either a one-time lump sum or annual contribution for a defined period. Assets are held in a revocable trust.

Step 3
Participant directs investments

Participating employees will have access to an open architecture investments with mutual funds offered and managed by TIAA and other providers.

Step 4
Retirees use assets to pay premiums for fully insured medical benefits

Emeriti provides for premium reimbursement administration.